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The Design of Improvement and Expansion of Wastewater Collection
and Treatment Systems at Soi  Wat Bun Kanchanaram, Pattaya

Underground Wastewater Treatment Plant System

Project  Location : Minburi and Saen Saep subdistricts of Minburi, a service area of   approximately 2.93 km2
Client : Bangkok Metropolitan Administration
Project Duration : 19 Jan.2012 to 13 July 2012
Construction Cost : 446.90 Million Baht
Service Fee : 7.299 Million Baht
Project Description

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has planned and continuously implemented the construction of centralized wastewater treatment systems as well as the improvement of community wastewater treatment systems to rectify water pollution in canals and river. Rapid growth of suburban areas, especially the Minburi community area, resulted in the discharge of untreated wastewater from houses and business establishments into Khlong Saen Saep, Khlong Sam Wa, and Khlong Song Ton Nun in Minburi, Khlong Sam Wa and Lad Krabang districts, causing water pollution problems particularly in the dry season. Water pollution is one of factors contribute to the risk of diseases in communities located by Bangkok main canals.

Therefore, the Department of Drainage and Sewerage, BMA, had proposed the implementation of Minburi Wastewater Treatment Project with the objectives of improving the canal water quality within the study area. Wastewater generated in the study area, which covers an area of approximately 2.85 km2 comprises Minburi and Saen Saep subdistricts of Minburi district, would be collected and treated with the wastewater treatment capacity of 10,000 cu.m./day. A plot of land at Khlong Saen Saep, Minburi Regulator had already been allocated for a wastewater treatment plant.
As a result of the review of existing drainage system and the topography of the project area, the Consultant had proposed to adjust the project boundary in accordance with the topography of catchment area. Thus, the project area was adjusted from 2.85 km2 per the TOR to 2.93 km2 and the future expansion area from 23 km2 per the TOR to 29.76 km2.

The services provided included :

Feasibility Study

The scope of the feasibility study comprises: the review of master plan study report and relevant reports, field investigations and environmental surveys, socio-economic and public attitudinal survey, define design criteria, evaluate wastewater collection and wastewater treatment systems alternatives and identify suitable systems for preliminary design and conduct capital and O&M costs estimates of the preferred alternative, and conduct financial and economic analysis and prepare project implementation plan.

Detailed Design and Preparation of e-Auction Tender Document

The Consultant is required to carry out detailed design works and prepare tender documents for electronic. The scope of works include: carry out site reconnaissance and surveys; including topographical survey, soil investigation, and surveys of existing infrastructure, land and properties within the construction area, define detailed-design criteria, carry out detailed design and prepare drawings for construction, prepare capital and O&M cost estimates, and prepare project implementation plan.

The detailed of the completed systems are as follows

- Wastewater Interception And Collection System

  • The main interceptor along with Khlong Saen Saep 6.08 km length.

  • The sub interceptor along with the branches of Khlong Saen Saep that serve the domestic wastewater 0.86 km length.

  • The Combined Sewer Overflow structure; CSOs 40 sets.

  • Manhole 48 sets

  • The Diversion Pipe between the interceptor and the collection pipe that are 1.03-km length.

  • The temporary work and drainage work

- Wastewater Treatment System

  • wastewater treatment plant : Activated Sludge Biological Nutrient Removal, AS-BNR process with the treatment capacity of 10,000 m3/d.

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