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Bang Sue Environmental Education and Conservation Project, Bangkok

Overall Perspective

Underground Wastewater Treatment Plant System

Project  Location : Bang Sue District and parts of Chatuchak, Dusit and Phayathai   Districts, Bangkok
Client : Bangkok Metropolitan Administration
Project Duration : 21 Dec.2005 to 8 Apr. 2008
Construction Cost : 4,584.78 Million Baht
Service Fee : 99.9 Million Baht
Service Fee (PTC) : 49.95 Million Baht
Associated Firm : Punya Consultants Co.,Ltd. & Asdecon Corporation Co.Ltd.
Project Description

The Bang Sue Environmental Education and Conservation Center, Bangkok Project was undertaken by BMA so as to solve problems arising from discharging substandard effluent into water bodies in Bang Sue District and its vicinity. The effluent will be collected and conveyed to the treatment plant prior to discharging into receiving water. This will improve the water quality in Khlong Premprachakorn, Khlong Bang Khen and Khlong Bang Sue.

The project area covers the area of Bang Sue District and parts of Chatuchak, Dusit and Phayathai Districts, the total area of approximately 20.7 km.2. The Center will be located in “Wachira Benjatat Park” (Suan Rotfai) in the northwest corner, adjacent to the School of Railway Engineering and Kampaeng Phet Road. The construction area takes up the area of about 12 rais.

The services provided include :

  • Detailed design of combined sewer system with the network of wastewater collection pipes is about 30.3 km long with pipes in varying sizes from 300 mm. to 2,000 mm. There are altogether 163 combined sewer overflows (CSOs) and no lift station is required. About 71% of the total pipe length or 21.6 km long will be constructed in the canal while the remaining, about 29% or 8.7 km long, will be constructed in the road.

  • Detailed design of Underground WWTP, using activated sludge system (Step-Feed Biological Nitrogen Removal with Chemical Phosphorus Removal). The average dry weather flow of 120,000 m.3/day and the maximum wet weather flow of 300,000 m.3/day were used for the design of the treatment system. The adopted design criteria comprises 100 mg/l of BOD, 30 mg/l of Total Nitrogen (TN) and 8 mg/l of Total Phosphorus (TP) for influent parameters.

  • Detailed design of Effluent Discharge System.

  • Cost estimation and prepare bidding documents for electronic bidding.

  • As BMA assistant for construction contractors evaluation.

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