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Study, Survey and Installation of Flood Forecasting and Warning Telemetry System
for Chao Phraya and Middle Mun river basins

Middle Mun River Basin

Project  Location : Chao Phraya and Middle Mun River Basins
Client : Water Resources Department
Project Duration : 29 May 2009 to 21 May 2010
Construction Cost : 104.94 Million Baht
Service Fee : 104.94 Million Baht   (PTC = 34.987 Million Baht)
Associaled Firm : Tara Consultants Co.,Ltd.,
  Siam T.C. Technology Co.,Ltd.,
  Trans Asia Consultants Co.,Ltd
Project Description

Aim of this project is to increase the effectiveness of water management in flood, drought, and water quality aspects, as well as to improve the ability on monitoring, forecasting and warning during water crisis, by developing the additional telemetry system in Middle Mun river basin as an expansion of the existing system in Chi-Mun river basins. The new telemetry system and mathematical models, to be developed in this project, will be integrated with the existing system to provide effective monitoring and forecasting tools for water management operation in the entire Chi-Mun basins.

The scope of work for this project comprises of :

  1. Study and design of new telemetry stations, which shall be at least 8 stations. The telemetry stations shall be situated in appropriate locations for meteorological, hydrological and water quality data measurement in Middle Mun river basin. There shall be not less than 1 water quality/ water level (discharge)/ rainfall stations, not less than 4 water level (discharge)/ rainfall stations, and not less than 3 rainfall stations. The new system shall be integrated to include 31 existing stations in Chi-Mun river basin.

  2. Expansion/ Upgrading of the water management center of Chi-Mun river basins of which the master station is located at Water Crisis Prevention Center, DWR Headquarter, Bangkok and sub master station is located at Hydrological division, DWR Regional Office 5, Nakhon Raschasima.

  3. Study and design of data communication networks, which uses appropriate wire or wireless communication system as communication media.

  4. Study and development of mathematical models including Decision Support System (DSS) for water management and for monitoring, forecasting, warning, as well as recommending alternative scenarios during water crisis period. The system shall feature automatically and/or manually-generated data displays, in forms of maps, data tables, graphs and executive summary both in 1) Chao Phraya river basin and 2) Chi-Mun river basins.

  5. Construction of field stations and related components, designed in 10 to 3).

  6. River cross sectional surveys, which shall be conducted at the maximum of 5 km intervals, as well as at the locations of hydraulic structures in the river. Rating curve surveys, which shall be conducted at every water level monitoring station

  7. Installation of CCTV system at every water level monitoring station in Chao Phraya river basin and at least 1 station in Middle Mun river basin.

  8. Development of Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of chronic floods area in Chao Phraya river basin. The DEM shall be of resolution suitable for flood plain calculation, as required by DWR.

  9. Supply of hardware and software and system commissioning to ensure that the system can work as specified in TOR. In Middle Mun river basin, using of existing facilities of Chi-Mun telemetry system shall be considered.

  10. Development of new database system and internet-based data presentation system in Chao Phraya river basin and upgrading/ integrating of existing system in Chi-Mun river basins with the newly developed additional system of Middle Mun river basin to work as a unified system.

  11. Jointly working with DWR’s appointed officials at master station to commission the system, refine operation guideline, and fine-adjust the system for a period of 360 days, starting after the project completion date. And carrying out technology transfer by mean of on-the-job-training to ensure that the officials have sufficient knowledge and skill to perform.

  12. Organizing Public relations seminar on the objectives of the project in Chao Phraya and Middle Mun river basins.

  13. Responsible for operating cost for 360 days from the project completion date.

  14. Warranty of the system and equipment for not less than 720 days from the project completion date.


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