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Feasibility Study and Detailed Design of Pumping Scheme
for Natural Resource Replenishment, Nakhon Ratchasima

Project Area

Huary-Ta-Krao Pumping Statio

Project  Location : Amphoe Ban Leoum, Kong, Non Soong and Pimai Nakhon   Ratchasima
Client : Royal Irrigation Department
Project Duration : 8 June 2001 to 29 Nov. 2002
Construction Cost : 455.5 Million Baht
Service Fee : 14.975 Million Baht
Project Description

To solve the problem on water deficiency in Amphoe Ban Leoum, Kong, Non Soong and Pimai, Nakhon Ratchasima by construction of pumping system to optimise utilisation of water from natural resources in order to supply sufficient water based on water supply as the first priority and agricultural use as the following priority.

The services provided include :

  • Collection and review of relevant carried-out development projects and related future projects of other organizations.

  • Collection, review and analysis of all data related to the project.

  • Study on project engineering.

  • Project planing and feasibility study by comparision on advantages and disadvantages of each possible alternative for selection of the most feasible alternative

  • Feasibility study consists of :

         - Collection and review all related data

         - Feasibility Design of pumping scheme based on topographic map, geological,            meteorological and hydraulic data

         - Pumping system design

         - Study on Indemnity of private and government properties

         - Economic and financial analysis

         - Cost estimation on construction cost and operating and maintenance cost and             preparation of construction schedule

         - Preparation of water management and maintenance plan

         - Study on management and organization of the project

  • Study on Initial Environmental Examination.

  • Detailed design for pumping system, include construction drawings, Bill of quantity, construction cost estimation, tender document and technical specification.

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