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Progress Technology Consultants Co.,Ltd. Project 6-1
A Feasibility Study of BMA Wastewater User Charge

Project  Location : Bangkok
Client : Bangkok Metropolitan Administration
Project Duration : 29 July 1997 to 22 May 1998
Service Fee : 13.0 Million Baht
Service Fee (PTC) : 8.84 Million Baht
Associated Firm : Metcalf & Eddy International  Inc.
Project Description

BMA has recognized the current deterioration of water quality in the river and canals. To improve the water quality, BMA has undertaken 6 large scale wastewater treatment projects in 7 areas with the total coverage area of 191.7 and  wastewater flow rate of 992,000 cu.m./day. Furthermore, the policy for the development of  basic infrastructures set out in the 7th National Development Plan, calls for the immediate formulation of the master plan for wastewater treatment and construction of wastewater treatment systems together with the implementation of solid waste disposal systems. Cost recovery shall be by means of the imposition of appropriate user charges in accordance with the Polluter-Pays-Principle. 

Recognizing the increasing severity of the problems in the canal and the Chao Phraya River, BMA has commissioned the Consultant, which is an association of Progress Technology Consultants (PTC) and Metcalf & Eddy International, Inc., to undertake a Feasibility Study of BMA Wastewater User Charge.

The Consultant provided the services which include the following :

  • Study characteristics of municipal wastewater including wastewater quantity and characteristics from individual sources.

  • Identify the cost of wastewater collection and treatment systems.

  • Estimate the cost of wastewater management including operation and maintenance cost.

  • Review existing Thai and foreign regulations and policies.

  • Evaluate socio-economic issues by means of attitude survey.

  • Study alternatives of wastewater user charge collection.

  • Study wastewater user charge collection systems successfully used in other countries.

  • Review the existing tariff collection system of other utility agencies.

  • Define the user classes

  • Determine the design criteria for calculating the charge rates for various user classes.

  • Propose a method of user charge collection which includes procedures, collection and management.

  • Recommend improvements for administrative and managerial institutions; regulations to be applied by government and private sectors; and user charge collection.

  • Recommend a suitable organization to manage the  wastewater collection and treatment systems.

  • Hold a public hearing workshop.

  • Recommend an implementation plan for the user charge collection programme which will also evaluate the financial status at various stages of the programme.

  • Develop a computer models to determine cost of services and the cash flow situation.

  • Develop a public relations plan for public involvement implementing BMA requirements.

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