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Feasibility  Study on Drainage and Wastewater Treatment Systems for
Sakon Nakhon Municipality

Project Area 54

Waste Stabilization Pond, Capacity 8,000 cu.m./day

Project  Location : Sakon Nakhon Municipality, Sakon Nakhon
Client : Public Works Department
Project Duration : 29 Jan.1993 to 2 Oct.1993
Construction Cost : 1,132.3 Million Baht
Service Fee : 10.6 Million Baht
Project Description

Sakon Nakhon is the center of economics transportation and culture of Northeastern region of Thailand. Furthurmore, Phu Parn Rachaniveth royal palace and Nong Harn, one of the biggest lake in Thailand, also locate in Sakon Nakhon. So PWD realized the important of this area and then has implemented this wastewater project to cope with water pollution.

Master plan for this project consists of drainage system, wastewater collection and treatment  systems. Project area is about 54 km2. Target year of the project is 2012 AD.

In Feasibility study of this project, area about 19.25  is selected for 1st phase of  construction.

The services provided include :

  • Study of population, wastewater quanitity and quality.

  • Specify criteria for evaluation of wastewater quantity and quality used for detailed design.

  • Study of existing drainage system formulate improvement plan.

  • Analyze and preliminary design of wastewater collection system.

  • Verify wastewater quantity and quality.

  • Preliminary design of waste stabilization pond.

  • Cost estimate for construction and operation.

  • Study the economic and financial evaluation including the development of tariff Structures.

  • Study the organization and administration.

  • Undertake the initial environment examination.

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