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The Improvement and Water Management with Public Participation
of The Phra Ong Chaiyanuchit Operation and Maintenance Project, Chachoengsao

Project Location  and Boundary

Project  Location : Chachengsao and  Samutprakarn
Client : Office of Regional Irrigation 11, Royal Irrigation Department
Project Duration : 27 Feb.2006 to 21 May 2007
Construction Cost : 743.65 Million Baht
Service Fee : 19.728 Million Baht
Project Description

The Phra Ong Chaiyanuchit O&M Project is considered as a water storage and flood mitigation type. The goal is to help the agricultural area on the plains of Chachoengsao Province on the right bank of Bang Pakong River. Its border abuts on the South Rangsit O&M Project and the Khlong Dan O&M Project. Local large canals are Khlong Bang Khanak starting from Khlong Phra Ong Chaiyanuchit to Bang Pakong River - 19.200 km long, Khlong Nakhon Nuengkhet - 17.400 km long, Khlong Pravet Burirom – 18.300 km long and dike from Khlong Dan to Pak Takhong Navigation Lock with the total length of 23.600 km Irrigation structures consist of :

  • Flood protection dikes along the riverside of Bang Pakong River and the seaside.

  • 4 Gates for water-route transportation.

  • Drainage gates, drainpipes, pumping stations and semi-permanent gates used for water storage, drainage and seawater protection. These components are built or installed along the riverside of Bang Pakong River and the beach of Gulf of Thailand with the purpose to convey water from Bang Pakong River to help agricultural areas in the project

The improvement of the Phra Ong Chaiyanuchit Operation and Maintenance Project consists of structural and non-structural measures as follows.

1. Improvement by Non-Structural Measures is comprised of :

  • Publicity
  • Management and Organization Improvement

To implement these non-structural measures, it takes 5 years of operation time by executing the structural measures in parallel. The objectives are to publicize the project and train project officials and agriculturists to be ready for organizational management after the improvement is completed

2. Improvement by Structural Measures is comprised of :

     1. Irrigation System Improvement Work consists of:

  • 4 regulators: Khlong Orm Head Reg., Khlong Wang Ta Khian Reg., Khlong Phraek Bang Moo Reg. and Khlong Bang Ikaew Reg.

  • 1 regulator with navigation lock: Khlong Bang Nang Pheng Reg.

  • 3 regulators with pump installed: Khlong Samrong Reg., Thep Rang San Reg. beside seawater blocking dike and Bang Talad Reg.

  • 2 pump stations: Pra Cham Rang Station and Bang Rong Station

  • 2 drainpipes at the mouth of a canal: Sa Mo Khloy Pipe and Ta Ngorn Pipe

  • Dredging 6 canals which are Khlong Chi Pa Khao-Prong Rad, Khlong Phrong Ar Kard, Khlong Wang Ta Khian-Bang Ruen, Khlong Khwaeng Klan, Khlong Sagat Si Sip and Khlong Sagal Paed Sip.
     2. Telemetry System Installation for Water Management


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