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Chantaburi Flood Alleviation Project

Project Area

Project  Location : Chantaburi
Client : Royal Irrigation Department
Project Duration : 9 April 2002 to 2 July 2003
Construction Cost : Emergency Plan : 145.43 Million Baht
  Long Plan : 536.85 Million Baht
Service Fee : 19.875 Million Baht
Service Fee (PTC) : 12.93 Million Baht
Associated Firm : Sigma Hydro Consultants Co.,Ltd.
Project Description

Study and preparation of Master plan, feasibility study and tender design of drainage and flood protection systems for Chantaburi. The study area, where the consultants must carry out the analysis for the causes of flood problem and the action plan to prevent flooding and drainage problems,include Khlong Thanode,Chantaburi, Weru, Khlong Pong-Namron, Mueng Trad, Khlong Phraput, Khlong Dan, Khlong Phra-Satueng and Pungrad river basin, which cover the whole area of Chantaburi province and some parts of Trad, Sakeaw and Rayong province.

The Services provided included :

1) Master Plan to Rectify the Flooding Problem, which include flood prevention system, drainage system and forecast/alarming system for every urban areas within Chanthaburi province and its neighboring provinces. The master plan will consider the whole picture of the problems at the river basin level to alleviate the damages from flooding disaster in the river basin. The master plan will also prioritize the related implementation plans, which include details of each rectifying measure; format, responsible agency, budget allocation & implementation plan, by categorizing into emergency and long-term implementation plan according to the engineering, socioeconomic, economic and environmental criteria.

2) Feasibility and Environmental Impact Study of the Flood-Problem Rectifying Measures. Some parts of the study included in the emergency implementation plan are as shown in the followings:

  • Surveying and mapping of essential areas required by the study.
  • Surveying and analysis of the economic and social aspect in the areas both benefited and affected from the project.
  • Estimation of construction, operating and maintenance cost etc.
  • Surveying and analysis of the damages and both direct & indirect benefits from the project, which may include intangible benefits assessment.
  • Economic feasibility analysis of the project.
  • Environmental impact study and rectifying measures:

           - Environmental impacts on water quality such as sedimentation, erosion,              waterway communication, land-use, transportation etc. issues both during the              construction and after the completion of the project, and field surveying of the              local residents’ attitude on the project and rectifying measures.

           - Impacts on the local residents/social and rectifying measures for the impacts.

3) Preparing tender design drawing of each system and bidding documents for the construction under the emergency implementation plan, which include:

  • Additional topographic surveying and mapping.
  • Geological and foundation surveying at proposed construction sites; water-regulating building etc.
  • Soil characteristics testing for data accompanying detailed design.
  • Detailed design criteria of each system.
  • Prepare inventory list/calculation sheet and construction cost estimation.
  • Prepare bidding documents and Tender design drawings.

4) Prepare public relation media and arrange the project’s public relation/hearing for accompanying the consideration of feasible rectifying measures in order to establish agreement and participation among the local people.

5) Establish and calibrate mathematical model used as an assisting tool for water management and flood forecasting. Prepare the model’s operation manual & technology transfer and contingency plan for migration during flood-disaster.

6) Study and propose a governing organization structure that leads to the effective river basin management for alleviating flood-disaster.

7) Prepare mapping shown flood and land-slide risk areas.

8) Prepare public procedure manual when facing flood-disaster.

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