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Progress Technology Consultants Co.,Ltd. Project 5-1
Supervision of Turnkey Construction of Sewerage and Wastewater Treatment Plant
for Phuket Municipality

-  Project Area 12
- Municipality Area 4

Activated Sludge Process, capacity 12,000 cu.m./day

Project  Location : Phuket Municipality, Phuket
Client : Public Works Department
Project Duration : 10 Aug.1994 to 26 Mar. 1997
Construction Cost : 390.0 Million Baht
Service Fee : 23.70 Million Baht
Service Fee (PTC) : 6.39 Million Baht
Associated Firm : Act Consultants Co.,Ltd.
Project Description

Preparation of tender document, turnkey design and construction, evaluation of the tender document and turnkey design and construction of  drainage and wastewater treatment systems project at Phuket Municipality proposed to Public Works Department has been continuing to this project. Progress Technology Consultants Co., Ltd. (PTC) coordinated with Act Consultants Co., Ltd. has carried out the above mentioned project. Furthermore, PTC has also been selected to carry out the supervision of turnkey construction of drainage and wastewater treatment systems project at Phuket Municipality by the Public Works Department.

The services provided include :

Supervision of Turnkey Design and Construction on Drainage, Wastewater Collection and Treatment Systems for Phuket Municipality. The detail of work are :

  • Approve the drawing of sewerage system in 12 project area
  • Supervision of construction in 4 area
This project has been already finished since March 1997 and has been operating since May, 1997.

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